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Pure unfiltered Excitement.

Boldly outgoing and open minded, MINI Convertible is packed with impulse and energy. The very essence of roof down, summer driving excitement – it stimulates your senses and lets you capture and share those subtle moments of pure open-road joy. It’s a non-stop thrill behind the wheel. It'll make you feel more alive and offer an air of sophistication in the sunshine. With unlimited headroom, there’s always a little more to enjoy.

Key Features


The MINI Convertible offers authentic open-air enjoyment. For one thing, the electrically-powered soft top is different to others out there. Its quiet, intelligent Z-folding mechanism operates in 3 stages: up, down, or sunroof, to let the breeze in. It opens or closes fully in 18 seconds flat, too – even at speeds of up to 30 km/h. You can also get a ‘MINI Yours’ soft top with a unique woven Union Jack heritage design.


Innovative MINI matrix LED headlights provide best possible illumination levels for better visibility and safety. When the highbeam is switched on, the lighting is highly effective. The front camera system integrated in the rear mirror detects oncoming vehicles and automatically switches on (or off) one or more of the headlight's four segments. This reduces distraction to other road users while optimally illuminating all other areas.


Go green. Go mean. Go somewhere in between. You want to take things easy when you’re on the road, then just switch over to fuel-friendly GREEN mode. This mode optimises fuel delivery, and disengages your engine when your foot’s off the throttle. Fancy something a bit more, then switch to SPORT mode for more responsive steering and acceleration. Even the growl of the exhaust moves up a few tones. For the best of both worlds, just stay in MID mode for a happy motoring medium.


MINI’s creative use of space gives you more luggage space than you probably thought. Even better, the Easy Load function – only available for the MINI Convertible – gets packing down to a fine art. By just pushing up the roof base, you increase the size of the luggage compartment opening – making it easy to load your cargo. When the top is closed, the luggage compartment gives you a generous capacity of 215 litres, and when opened, you have a very handy 160 litres. You can even take longer items, like a surfboard, with a standard 50/50-split folding of the rear seat.


MINI Connected brings a world of information and entertainment to your MINI with a wide range of intelligent services and apps. Enjoy the convenience of interacting with your car as well as sharing and scheduling options that put you in control when you are inside or outside your MINI. Let fast, reliable connectivity enhance your experience and ensure you and your passengers enjoy every journey while staying connected to the world outside.