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Explore more corners.

Faster, feistier and more fun than ever, the iconic MINI 3-door hatch embodies the essence of high speeds, thrilling low centre-of-gravity handling and exhilarating go-kart feeling. Smart, charismatic with impeccable manners, it's like your perfect evening date. Every single time. Packed with urban personality and more valuable standard features than ever, it's just waiting for you to make it yours. It's ready to make your life a whole lot brighter.

Turn left. Turn right. Turn somewhere new. With the classic go-kart feeling it’s time to explore more corners with the new MINI 3- Door.


Key Features


Nothing beats the feeling of your hands on the wheel, your foot on the accelerator. The MINI 3-door gets its strength from 1.5l/2.0l, 3 or 4-cylinder MINI TwinPower Turbo engines that are fast, furious and fuel-efficient. Its wide track, short overhangs and strong grip hold you firmly on the ground. You'll be hooked the moment you’ve taken the first corner and got that heady close-to-the-ground, go-kart feeling. It’s the real deal.


Innovative MINI matrix LED headlights provide best possible illumination levels for better visibility and safety. When the highbeam is switched on, the lighting is highly effective. The front camera system integrated in the rear mirror detects oncoming vehicles and automatically switches on (or off) one or more of the headlight's four segments. This reduces distraction to other road users while optimally illuminating all other areas.


MINI Connected brings a world of information and entertainment to your MINI with a wide range of intelligent services and apps. Enjoy the convenience of interacting with your car as well as sharing and scheduling options that put you in control when you are inside or outside your MINI. Let fast, reliable connectivity enhance your experience and ensure you and your passengers enjoy every journey while staying connected to the world outside.


MINI is a pioneer in the production of customisable interior and exterior parts using 3D printing technology. For example, you can add extra individuality with a passenger-side cockpit fascia tailored to your style using different colours and designs. While on the exterior, 3D-printed side scuttles perfectly complement the athletic look of your vehicle. Entering your MINI is now also an experience in its own right – with a customisable projection displaying on the ground and illuminated entry strips that more than get your journey off to a bright start.